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"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,
the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed."
Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution


The site's prime purpose is protection of the unalienable right to be armed and so the ability to defend the self. While this venue is fairly new (Jan 2010), the emphasis is and will remain to be on links to second amendment type material.  We have a few on site items (see "Site Pages" link in menu above) and may add a few more over time.

How to use information?  Quite simply – explore this portal of links, then pass on and share vigorously! The major part of the fight against "Gun Control" is education.  Too many people who claim to be pro gun are in fact half-hearted and do not understand all that is behind the right to keep and bear arms in America and its great importance.  The Constitution is being trashed but the tenets on which it is based are vital to understand, support and protect before they are lost.

July 26th, 2012. We take a look at the Aurora theater massacre.

Further links for important specifics


Links on Rkba-2a can be either direct to specific site homepages or often, a link to a specific important article or item archive. The left column here is being used for most major reference links, simply to direct you to sites worthy of exploration and also pages of particular interest. Below are a few "choice" link references which are felt to be of immediate importance to view.

  1. Be sure you have seen - "The Philosophy of Liberty"
  2. Be sure you have seen - "2A Today for The USA"
  3. Be sure you have seen - "No Guns for Jews"
  4. Be sure you have seen - "No Guns for Negroes"
  5. Be sure you have seen - "All the JPFO Media Material"
  6. Be sure you have read - "Raging Against Self Defense"
  7. Be sure you have read - "State Constitution Information"
  8. Be sure you have read - "Frederick Bastiat's, "The Law."
  9. Be sure you have read - "Gun Facts Version 7.0"

Apart from links shown thus far it is recommended that good use be made of web search facilities — as the amount of information available is immense, and knowledge is power!

Food for further thought


To gun haters – you need to decide your priorities. Are you simply thinking that disarming law abiding people solves all problems or is it that you seek nothing more than control? Making sure that the "peons" (citizens) should have no means of self defense and that only those in power and LE can possibly be 'trusted' with firearms is depriving good people of their most innate human right.

Or is it, that you actually fear those people who wish to take responsibility for their own protection?  It often seems so, but your first priority is to find a way to disarm the criminals because until you realize the impossibility of that, you will never find your imagined "Utopia". Control equates to slavery, and the deprivation of the most basic of freedoms.


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