Liberty, by Peter Mancus


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192. So, what needs to be done? Ponder these reforms and ideas:

  • Immediately declare that the Second Amendment does guarantee an individual right to arms independently of membership in any government organization, that all prior restraints against that right are unconstitutional, and take that right seriously.Immediately repeal all prior restraint "CCW permit" weapons laws and get law enforcement entirely out of the business of issuing CCW permits.Immediately repeal all laws that grant civil authority immunity for its wrong doing.Civil authority should immediately start taking ultra seriously two rights: the First Amendment's Right to Petition for Redress of Grievances and the Second Amendment's Right to Bear Arms—including in a public place.The U.S. Supreme Court should reverse itself and declare that it does not have sole authority to determine what is and is not Constitutional.The U.S. Supreme Court should promptly declare that jurors are permitted to be a judge of the facts and the law.Celebrate every December 15th as Bill of Rights Day in ways that are truly meaningful. [I can think of at least a dozen major different ways to do so. Can you?]Become Constitutionally literate.Know what your rights are.Know the limits of civil authority's powers.Demand that all officials stay in line and wear the Constitution's chains.Get involved politically.Publicly tell civil authority when it is committing error or makes and enforces unwise policy.Do not give up on the political-legal system.Throw off your chains! Stop being psychologically intimidated by civil authority.Prepare for civil war—in earnest. Train yourself to be the functional equivalent of an effective, modern Minuteman.
  • Steel yourself to the idea of killing public serpents, if it becomes truly necessary, as a last ditch effort to keep Liberty's flame burning.

193. Do you reject this analysis? These sentiments? If so, here is a challenge:

  • Are any specified facts wrong?If Gun Grabbing Government Goons started their raids tomorrow, are you prepared to stop them?Are you enjoying some measure of Liberty now because Tyrant Wannabees fear me and people like me?What have you done to preserve Liberty?Do you take Liberty for granted?As a citizen, are you coasting?Do you assume that tyranny can never take root in the United States? How far down the Tyrant's Pattern are we?Do you realize that most victims of tyranny did not see the darkness fall until they were trapped?
  • Can you see yourself being reduced to a lampshade? To a medical experiment? To smoke? To a bullet stop? To land fill?

194. In summation, think about the following. There is a grand building located at 914 Capitol Mall in Sacramento, California. The California Supreme Court frequently sits in this building. Sadly, that court has been acting in a fractured manner. It has a track record of honoring most Constitutional bright lines but not this one: 

"...the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." 

Instead, this court has been upholding laws that further infringe against the Second Amendment. Ironically, the east wall of the lobby of this building contains this inscription:

"This abode of peace shall stand as long as there are those willing to die in its defense."

Think about this court's record on Second Amendment cases and this inscription. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is that building still an "abode of peace" or has it degenerated it into an "abode of Judicial Despotism" blind to the Second Amendment's Constitutional bright line?Who is willing to die in defense of that "abode," and its current occupants, when those occupants are unwilling to honor the Second Amendment's Constitutional bright line? [Not I!]Who is willing to die in defense of that "abode," and its current occupants, when those occupants construe the Second Amendment in a manner that denies citizens an individual right to arms? When those occupants uphold as Constitutional laws that devalue U.S. citizenship and tell citizens they must beg Chief Serpents like Sebastopol's Gordon Pitter for their permission to pack a gun in a public place for lawful self-defense? When those occupants, while guarded with armed guards paid for by taxpayers, uphold unconstitutional laws that coerce citizens to circulate in public as unarmed, vulnerable prey, without legal or financial recourse against civil authority, when civil authority fails to protect them while not letting them protect themselves? [Not I!]
  • When, if ever, will virulently pissed off citizens storm that "abode" and confront its occupants face-to-face about Liberty?

195. A true, deep love of Liberty, coupled with a faithful adherence to the Bill of Rights, would eliminate many of Mankind's major political-legal problems. Such an attitude would create a firm foundation for safety in society and an excellent basis for a long term, mutually rewarding, Citizen-Civil Authority relationship. Sadly, however, too many in and out of civil authority lack such an attitude. Too many think the Founders, the Framers, and the Ratifiers are old prune faces reduced to dust who are irrelevant by over two hundred years. To exacerbate matters, too many erroneously believe that they are smarter than the Framers, or they are not duty bound to adhere to the Framers' framework. There is, however, a direct relationship between how far civil authority undermines the Bill of Rights and our current major political-legal problems. To the extent that civil authority and Authoritarian Elitists persist with perverting language to undermine the Bill of Rights, it is inevitable that those who value Liberty will be forced to confront reality starkly. When that happens, many will roll up their sleeves and begin to slit throats. Liberty will be born anew from such courage and conviction, and it will be nurtured with the blood of Patriots and Non-Patriots.


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