Liberty, by Peter Mancus


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116. The price of having a Constitutional government is having government take rights seriously, to trust Freedom, to trust the Framers' vision and judgment, to honor Constitutional bright lines, whether government likes them or not. The stark, sad fact is this: many judges, many elected officials, and many bureaucrats dishonor Constitutional bright lines.

117. To the extent that civil authority fails to honor Constitutional bright lines, it forfeits its legitimacy, citizens have no duty to obey nor comply with arbitrary rules, the Bill of Rights glue lets go and we flirt—seriously—with civil war.

118. What part of "the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed," if any, do you not understand?

119. How could the Framers have made that Constitutional bright line any brighter?

120. Collectively, the Judiciary has done to the Second Amendment what a grossly incompetent plastic surgeon would do during a face lift: put the belly button on the chin, the left ear where the nose should be and cut nerves so the facial muscles are inoperative, the skin drops, the face loses its symmetry and the patient emerges looking like a grotesque freak. This is not hyperbole. As support for this statement, read Clayton E. Cramer's For The Defense of Themselves and the State: The Original Intent and Judicial Interpretation of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, ISBN 0-275-94913-3. This is an excellent survey of leading judicial interpretations of the Second Amendment contrasted with the historical record left behind by the Founders, Framers and Ratifiers of the organic law of the United States—The July 4th Declaration, the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Bill of Rights. While reading this book, most of the judges quoted in this book made me feel embarrassed for, and ashamed of, the legal profession. These "guardians of the Constitution and Liberty" are, at best, inept. Only a pitiful handful of judges quoted by Mr. Cramer "got it right."

121. Question: Why should citizens obey judges who are all over the ball park...and even outside it? When they do not agree among themselves? Example: the Federal 9th  Circuit of Appeals ruled that the Second Amendment does not guarantee an individual right to arms and since there is no such right, no gun owner has "standing" [a fancy legal term meaning a legally recognized basis] to bring a lawsuit to redeem a right. The Federal 5th  Circuit of Appeals, however, ruled 180 degrees contrary! Rights should never be a function of geography and chance based on the circuit in which one lives. If the Bill of Rights glue was strong, the 9th and the 5th circuits would agree, but they disagree.

122. The much maligned militia has a Constitutionally legitimate, vital purpose and function: when all else fails, to preserve Liberty and the Constitutional Rule of Law.

123. Out of approximately 75 million firearms owners in the U.S., 99.99999999999999% of them, yesterday, the day before, the day before that, tomorrow, the next day, and the day after that, ad nauseam, did not misuse a firearm in any way.

124. Since when is the misuse of a right by a small percentage Constitutionally good cause to permit prior restraint against the exercise of that right by the many, out of fear that some one some place some time might abuse the right? Answer: Never!

125. Post-misuse of a firearm punishment is Constitutionally permissible. But, all prior restraint regulation of firearms regarding the mere manufacture, sale, purchase, possession, control, ownership, non-negligent use, and carrying a firearm in a public place for lawful self-defense, is Constitutionally infirmed. Otherwise, the Constitutional bright line of "the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." is meaningless.

126. How can a right be regulated without being infringed?

127. How is the general welfare promoted when all rights are subject to prior restraint, diluted, preconditioned, reduced to privileges, suspended?

128. How does civil authority promote the general welfare when it guts the Second Amendment and orders citizens to circulate in public as unarmed, defenseless, vulnerable prey, with the knowledge that law enforcement cannot protect the public?

129. How does civil authority promote the general welfare when it persistently rails against inanimate objects, exploits tragedies involving firearms, blames and oppresses those who never misused a gun, increasingly reduces citizens to a state of defenseless dependency on cops who cannot defend them, refuses to accept liability for failing to defend citizens who it will not let defend themselves, and increasingly moves the nation toward a police state?

130. Is the Constitution a contract between civil authority and U.S. citizens? If the answer is "No.," why do citizens have to obey civil authority? Why is civil authority's rule legitimate? If the answer is "Yes," must civil authority obey the Constitution? Or may civil authority grant itself immunity and set itself up above and against the Constitution and the citizenry? If civil authority's rule is illegitimate, how long should citizens tolerate such rule? Why?

131. Would you enter into a contract when the other party to the contract told you in advance, and in writing, that per the terms of the contract, they had an unappealable, absolute right to interpret and apply the contract any way they wanted to and you had to go along with their unilateral, unappealable interpretation and implementation of the contract?

132. Do you realize that when the U.S. Supreme Court declared that it has the sole power to determine what is and is not Constitutional, and that it, and all government, is cloaked with immunity, that the Judiciary perverted Mankind's greatest achievement—the Bill of Rights—and made you an unwilling party to a one sided contract, a contract of adhesion.

133. George Washington, "Father of the Country," called guns "Liberty's teeth." Diane Feinstein, Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Sarah Brady, Gray Davis, Don Perata, and many public serpents masquerading as tin stars have maligned "Liberty's teeth" by pejoratively labeling them assault weapons. Who do you trust: George Washington or these public serpents?

134. If you are inclined to support more victim disarmament laws, why? Why are you more comfortable with only criminals and cops having guns instead of law-abiding citizens also having guns? Why do you want to move the United States toward a police state? Do you realize that when citizens are disarmed and the streets are safe only for police and criminals, that is the classic definition of a police state? Where is the virtue in this: the police arrive at a crime scene and find a strangled, raped female and a long-gone rapist? Is this not more virtuous: the police arrive at a crime scene and find a criminal assailant prone, bleeding, with two bullet holes in his chest and a live, unharmed female?

135. Which is more accurate: the police exist to protect and to defend or to draw chalk lines and to investigate?

136. After September 11, are not all citizens now on the front lines? If so, why does civil authority inexplicably treat us as cattle or the enemy or suspects instead of as citizens?

137. Dial 911 is not a failsafe crime prevention program. Dial 911 is law enforcement's biggest sham against taxpayers. It is a bone tossed to placate those who are gullible, who blindly trust the police, the misinformed and the uninformed. For Dial 911 to be effective, approximately 30 or more links in the "Dial 911 chain" have to all fall in place and be secure. Each of those links, however, is incredibly weak. Dial 911 is really civil authority's version of Dial-A-Prayer. A cheap, functioning .38 caliber revolver, that is readily accessible, is superior crime protection to an expensive cell phone and a dispatcher on the other end of the line.

138. Guns have enemies: Rust, Freedom Haters, Liberty Thieves, Whoring Politicians, Tyrant Wannabees, Tyrants and their Useful Idiots, Public Serpents, Uninformed or Misinformed Citizens, and Sheeple.

139. Know guns, know peace and safety. No guns, no peace nor safety.

140. One does not shoot to kill; one shoots to stay alive. Guns are designed to kill. So what? What is wrong with killing enemies who initiate unlawful force? Criminals? Muggers? Rapists? Murderers? Tyrants? Guns are also designed to deter crime, to preserve liberty, and to save lives.

141. Firearms are inanimate objects made of metal, wood and plastic. They are incapable of human thought or emotion. They cannot form the intent to commit an "assault". The only thing a loaded firearm can do without human intervention is . . . . What? Answer: Self-destruct via a mechanism called rust. Self-destruction is the opposite of commit an assault. Where is the hard, verifiable, objective proof that any firearm in the history of firearms has done any of the following: Formed the intent to commit an assault? Loaded itself? Selected a target? Aimed itself? Pulled its own trigger?

142. What are the real assault weapons? Answers: Politicians who champion victim disarmament laws in a mad march toward Tyranny in the name of gun control.

143. If you think champions of victim disarmament laws are trustworthy, since they disregard your rights when an armed citizenry exists, do you think they will honor your rights when citizens are disarmed?

144. Is a gun on a shelf in a gun store morally neutral? If it is bought by a cop does it become a good gun? If it is bought by an ordinary citizen does it become a bad gun? If the cop misplaces his gun and it is found by a criminal does it morph into being a bad gun? Does it morph into being a good gun again when found by an ordinary citizen? When returned to the cop? Is a gun used to stop a crime a bad gun? Is a gun used to preserve or to restore Liberty bad?

145. Ever notice how many statues of Liberty's heroes include a gun?

146. Since champions of victim disarmament laws fancy themselves to be so smart and so superior, why do they refer to inanimate objects as being capable of forming the intent to commit an assault? Are these people smart, stupid or demagogues? Do they have a sinister agenda? Are they doing their utmost best to manipulate you against yourself and against Liberty—to scare you into surrendering your rights?

147. Burn this into your psyche: An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject—and worse: a piss ant. Civil authority has to take a citizen seriously. Civil authority can ignore, flatten, incarcerate, and execute a piss ant. Which would you rather be: a citizen or a piss ant?

148. Burn this also into your psyche: A gun in the hand is better than a dispatcher on the phone or a cop in route.

149. Gun control is all of the following: putting ten bullets in the same hole; people control in the guise of crime control; people control; control—period, repeat, just plain tyrannical control dressed up as crime control; the biggest and most dangerous farce since the end of WWII; a smokescreen to warrant surrendering real security—Freedom supported by armed citizens. Gun control is not criminal control nor crime control. Gun control as an effective criminal control measure is a trade-off, not a solution to eradicating or reducing crime. This trade-off [swapping Liberty for alleged Security to end up with Tyranny] is a blatantly bad trade for citizens. It is sloppy "thinking" to assign cause of crime to guns, to assume or even suggest that all gun owners are or even might be criminals.


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